Swainsboro Raceway 2015 Zaxby's Crate Late Model Rule Meeting will be held at the racetrack at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, January 26th.

McKenzie Returns to Victory Lane at Swainsboro Raceway

By: Candy Carroll



Another great night of racing action at Swainsboro Raceway began Saturday night with the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division.  Wendell Chavous and Rod Wiggins led the field of drivers to green.  On lap one, Chavous took the lead as Chesley Dixon moved into the second position with Rod Wiggins stuck outside.  Lap three, Rod Wiggins ran too hard into turn three causing both himself and Chesley Dixon to spin.  Unfortunately due to heavy car damage, both cars were forced to pit.  On the restart, Brian Connor moved to the inside of Chris Taylor off turn two for the third position.  Chavous continued to maintain a healthy lead.  Lap eleven, Connor was forced to give up third with a flat tire.  Wendell Chavous took the checkered, Michael Akeson brought home second, Chris Taylor earned third, Mike Ray held off Austin Scarboro for the fourth position. 


In the Sunoco Super Street division, Timmy Thompson picked up the heat race putting Willis McKenzie outside pole for the feature event.  Lap one, McKenzie took the lead from the outside with Thompson second and Tommy Hadden third.  Starting in the back, all eyes were on Jimmy Maness as he began to move through the field.  Lap three, Maness passed Jamey Donaldson for fifth inside turn four.  Lap five, Maness moved up to fourth on the back stretch inside George Williamson.  Lap twelve, Maness took over third in turn one from Hadden.  Willis McKenzie was stroking taking the checkered nearly 4 seconds over second place.  Last lap side by side for second, Jimmy Maness took second inches over Timmy Thompson.  Tommy Hadden finished fourth and George Williamson rounded out top five. 


Jumping to the lead quickly in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division was Roger McKenzie.  Lap two, running in the second position, Luke Scott lost tire going into turn one.  After a restart on lap three, Alan Wilkerson made his way around Wesley Coleman for the fourth position.  Taking the white flag, leader Roger McKenzie fell off pace in turn falling back.  Dustin Watkins grabbed another win, Jared Jones took second, Alan Wilkerson third, Roger McKenzie fell back to fourth, and Wesley Coleman fifth.


Starting front row Roger McKenzie and Chris Wilkerson took the green in the Kwik Shop Mini Stock division.  McKenzie took the lead with Wilkerson second and Payton Johnson third.  Lap four, leading the race, McKenzie falls off pace and pits.  Lap five, Tim Wilkerson moved to second.  Three laps to go became a battle of the Wilkerson’s.  Tim Wilkerson moved by Chris Wilkerson to take the checkered.  Payton Johnson finished third, Tony McCumbers fourth, and Joey Schoen fifth.


Up next in the Adams Construction Road Warrior division, leaders Jason Kight and Corey Howell hooked bumpers going into turn three allowing Jody Ivey to take the lead with Jordan Johnson in second.  Lap four, three wide in turn three Johnson and Tyler Holt fall back on the outside allowing Derrick Screws to move into second.  Halfway, Jordan Johnson took a hard turn to the pits.  Lap eight, Tyler Holt moving up took fourth outside Jason Kight.  One lap to go, Holt still riding the outside lane took third from Corey Howell.  Jody Ivey grabbed his first win of the season, Derrick Screws grabbed his best finish in second, Tyler Holt settled in at third, Corey Howell fourth, and Jason Kight fifth.


Ending the night in the Scare House of the South 4440 division, Mollie Boyd and Tommy Davis both picked up heat race wins.  On the start, Tommy Davis took the lead.  Lap four, Mollie Boyd great run ends as she makes hard left turn to pits with mechanical trouble.  Halfway, John Hooks passed Justin Thompson on outside for second.  Lap nine, Hooks on the move, gets underneath Davis for the lead.  Two laps to go, Thompson slides by Davis for second.  John Hooks took the checkered, Justin Thompson second, Tommy Davis third, Rod Morris fourth, and Paul “Donut” Carroll fifth.


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