Merry Christmas!!! Thanks to all for the wonderful support during the 2014 race season. We look forward to seeing you in 2015!!!

Swainsboro Kart Track Debut!

Swainsboro Kart Track Debut!

By: Candy Carroll

With afternoon thunderstorms rolling through Emanuel County, Mother Nature held off Friday night for the debut of the Swainsboro Kart Track. Over 40 go karts showed up for the Open Practice event. Swainsboro Raceway owner Paul Purvis and staff are excited about the new addition of the Swainsboro Kart Track. Fans can now enjoy two shows for the price of one every week as the Swainsboro Kart Track and Swainsboro Mud Bogg alternate running every other week. The side winding action begins at Swainsboro Kart Track this Saturday, June 14th at 7pm.

Saturday night racing action began with the 2nd Annual Miss Swainsboro Raceway Pageant. Four participants signed up to enter the event. All contestants looked stunning and ready to represent Swainsboro Raceway for the 2014 season. Participants were Ashley Crowe, Caitlin Schoen, Sara Stapleton, and Megan Thompson. First Runner Up was Caitlin Schoen. Crowned 2014 Miss Swainsboro Raceway was Megan Thompson.


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