Donaldson Grabs First Win of Season at Swainsboro Raceway!

Donaldson Grabs First Win of Season at Swainsboro Raceway!

Donaldson Grabs First Win of Season at Swainsboro Raceway!


By: Candy Carroll


Racing action at Swainsboro Raceway started Saturday night with a separation of only 4 points between Rod Morris and John Whisnant for the Scare House of the South 440 championship. Starting front row side by side for the feature event Rod Morris on the inside and John Whisnant on the outside. In order to grab the championship, Whisnant has to finish three positions in front of Morris. As the green fell, Whisnant pulls to the lead and Morris falls to third. Lap two, Tommy Davis moves in on Whisnant to try for the lead. Several laps Whisnant and Davis battle for the lead. Whisnant fighting hard in the turns appeared to have left front tire issues. Five to go, Morris closes the gap to take second from Davis but Davis quickly regains. Two laps to go, Morris moves back in second. John Whisnant takes the checkered earning one last win for the season, Rod Morris close behind in second clinches the points championship by only two points, Tommy Davis third, Terry Davis fourth, and Keith Bragg fifth. Congratulations to Rod Morris 2016 Scare House of the South 440 Points Champion!

In the Sunoco Super Street division, Andy Stewart and Barry Cates led the field to green. Stewart quickly pulls away with the lead as Danny Scarboro moves into second. After a caution near halfway, Brent Herndon’s crew pulled him to the pits with what appeared to be mechanical issues. Herndon gave up the fourth position but was able to return with out losing a lap. Jottie Burgamy moved into fourth. After spinning, Danny Scarboro pitted giving up the third position. Andy Stewart added another win to finish out the season, Barry Cates took home second, Jottie Burgamy moved back to take home third, Robert Fail returned to the racing seat to finish fourth, and Billy Graham fifth. Congratulations Andy Stewart 2016 Sunoco Super Street Points Champion!

Setting the fastest qualifying time in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division, Banjo Duke sat front row inside with Chet Chester outside. Duke quickly took the lead with Chester challenging the outside. Terry Lumley and Ches Chester battle for the third position. Lap six, Jim Manka took over the fifth position. Halfway, Lumley works his way to the third position and Shannon Graham fourth. Graham began to work on Lumley for the third position. Three laps to go, Graham moves into third as Lumley is loose off four. Banjo Duke took the checkered seconds over Ches Chester in second, Chet Chester moved into third, Terry Lumley fourth, and Dustin Watkins fifth. Congratulations Blake Smith 2016 Zaxby’s Crate Late Model Points Champion!

On the outside, Justin Thompson took the lead in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division. Alex Sturkie moved into the third position. Lap two, Graham Stevenson closes in on Thompson off turn two. By halfway, Thompson began to pull away with the lead. Three laps to go, Jacob Barwick moves to fifth. Justin Thompson returned to Victory Lane, Graham Stevenson second, Alex Sturkie third, Cody Stapleton fourth, and Jacob Barwick fifth. Congratulations Logan Tanner 2016 Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior Points Champion!

Ending the final points race of the season, Coby Giddens and Jamey Donaldson started front row in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division. Donaldson took the lead on the outside, Giddens second, and Brent Herndon third. Giddens closes the gap on Donaldson and tries the inside off turn two. Donaldson maintains the lead. Lap four, Henrdon spins off two losing the third position. Lap six, Derrick Screws and Kip Poole battle for third. Four laps to go, JJ Williams tries Poole for third third position off turn two. Jamey Donaldson takes the checkered earning first win of the season. Last lap, Giddens loses control allowing Kip Poole to take home the second position, JJ Williams third, Coby Gidden fell back to fourth, and Brent Herndon fifth. Congratulations Derrick Screws 2016 Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock Points Champion!