Sanders grabs win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Sanders grabs win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Sanders grabs win at Swainsboro Raceway!

By: Candy Carroll


Saturday night racing action at Swainsboro Raceway began with the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division. Pole sitter John Henderson opted to take the green on the outside. Henderson immediately jumped to the lead. Lap two, reigning points champion Blake Smith tried the inside of Hurricane Henry Cater off four and completed the pass on lap three. Halfway, Smith began to shorten the gap on Henderson in the first position. Four to go, the field began to make their way through lapped traffic and Smith gets held up allowing Henderson to increase his lead. Three to go, Chesley Dixon moves in on points leader Henry Carter off two. John Henderson rides away to take his first win of the season and make it four different winners in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division. In his first race of season, reigning points champion Blake Smith took home second, Henry Carter held off Chesley Dixon in the third position leaving Dixon to settle for fourth, and Brent Herndon fifth.

In the 602 Crate division, Luke Scott took the lead with Austin Scarboro falling into the second position. Benjamin Cranford settled in at third, Lap two, Austin Scarboro was forced to pit with damage allowing Terry Lumley to move into second. Lap four, Joey May challenged Cranford for third. Near halfway, Cranford was forced to pit. Five to go, Lumley making up ground closed the gap on leader Luke Scott. Two to go, top two battled nose to tail for the lead. Luke Scott held off Lumley to take his fourth win in a row. Terry Lumley earned his spot in second, and Joey May third.

For the Sunoco Super Street division, Andy Stewart and Daniel Roland took the green and lap one battled side by side. Roland finally pulls to first as Brent Herndon in third begins to close the gap on the top two. Andy Stewart moves to the inside of Roland off turn two to take the lead but Roland quickly retaliates in four. Next lap, Stewart takes the lead off turn two once again as Herndon sticks to his bumper to move into second. As Roland fought back for second with Herndon, Stewart pulls away with the lead. Five to go, Jamie Whitaker and Caleb Burton battle for the fourth position as Herndon breaks running in second. Andy Stewart took a two second win over Daniel Roland in second and Jamie Whitaker third.

Picking up heat race wins in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, Alf Wimberly and Terry Cummings both sat front row for the green. Cummings took the lead off two with Wimberly quickly jumped back along for a door to door battle. Tyler Sanders and Fate Carroll battle for the third position. Several laps of side by side racing for first before a caution waives half way allowing Cummings the edge over Wimberly to take the lead. Terry Cummings fought hard to hold off Alf Wimberly for the lead. Finishing out the top five was Tyler Sanders in third, Fate Carroll fourth, and Jamey Foskey fifth.

In the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, Tyler Sanders and Brian Stefani both picked up heat race wins earlier in the night. At the drop of the green, Stefani takes the lead but Sanders snatched it back. Once out front, Tyler Sanders began pulling away with the lead. Halfway, a four car battle to make it in the top five between Rak Donaldson, George Williamson, Jamey Donaldson, and Brent Herndon. Five to go, Sanders and Stefani pulled away from the field. Four to go, Jamey Donaldson racing hard against Derrick Screws for the fourth position. Tyler Sanders took the checkered picking up his first win at Swainsboro Raceway. After post race inspection, Derrick Screws moved up to second, Rak Donaldson third, George Williamson fourth, and Jamey Donaldson fifth.

In the S.H.O.T.S 440 division, teammates John Hooks and Rod Morris started front row. Morris took the lead from the outside off turn two with Hooks to his bumper in turn four. Lap three, Hooks pulled to the lead as Tommy Davis began working on Rod Morris for second. Lap four, Tyler Davis and Richard Lastinger battled for the fifth position. Halfway, Morris spins off turn two. After going to the rear, Morris quickly jumps back to third. John Hooks took the checkered, Tommy Davis second, Rod Morris third, Terry Davis fourth, and Tyler Davis fifth.