Carroll Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Carroll Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Carroll Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

  • 8-12-2017

    By: Candy Carroll

    Saturday night racing action at Swainsboro Raceway started in the 602 Crate Late Model division. Points leader Austin Scarboro took the lead off turn four as Jim Rogers slid into second. Scarboro pulled away as Paul Smith and Joey May battled for fourth with Benjamin Cranford in third. Caution free by lap ten, the field was pretty spread out. Two to go, Rogers began gaining on Scarboro with time winding down. Austin Scarboro took the win, Benjamin Cranford picked up second, and Paul Smith third.

    In the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division, Jimmy Thomas earned the fastest qualifying time over Brandon Carpenter. Thomas takes the lead with Carpenter second. After caution on lap three, Ahnna Parkhurst took advantage of the outside lane passing Carpenter for second. Blake Smith moved into the fourth position after starting sixth. Halfway, Thomas holds nearly straight away lead over Parkhurst. Caution on lap 17 allows Carpenter advantage on the outside to take over second from Parkhurst. Ten to go, another caution with dixie double file restart allows Parkhurst outside to regain second off turn two. Jimmy Thomas takes the checkered for $2000 to win, Ahnna Parkhurst brings home second, Brandon Carpenter third, Blake Smith fourth, and Henry Carter fifth.

    Battle of the 4’s in the Scare House of the South 440 division with John Hooks and Tommy Davis both earning heat race wins. On the start, Davis takes the lead off two. Hooks moves along beside Davis in turn four for a three lap battle for the lead. Lap three, John Hooks takes the lead off turn four. Rod Morris started gaining on Davis for second. Five to go, Morris takes over second. Two to go, Morris tries the outside of Hooks for the lead off turn four. John Hooks celebrates in Victory Lane, Rod Morris second, Tommy Davis third, Tyler Davis fourth, and Scott Helton fifth.

    Jamie Whitaker takes the lead in the Sunoco Super Street division on the outside off turn two. Andy Stewart moves into third and Jared Jones fourth. Lap two, Stewart moves to the inside of Brent Herndon to battle for second. Lap three, Stewart takes second. Lap four, Luke Scott moved into the fifth position after starting seventh. Lap six, Andy Stewart takes the lead in turn two. Lap seven, Luke Scott gets inside Herndon for third. Andy Stewart returns to the winner circle, Jamie Whitaker second, Luke Scott third, Brent Herndon fourth, and Cannan Cranford fifth.

    Up next in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, Todd Hutcheson picked up the heat race win bringing the field to green. Fate Carroll took the lead on the outside as Robbie Bland tried for second. Lap five, Robbie Bland took second from Hutcheson. Jaime Foskey takes over fourth from Ricky Strange. Restart five to go, Ricky Strange works the outside groove to pass Foskey and Hutcheson and move into the third position. Two to go, Robbie Bland makes an attempt for the lead on the inside. Side by Side at the white flag, Fate Carroll gets the advantage in turn one. Fate Carroll earns his first win at Swainsboro Raceway, Robbie Bland grabs his best finish of the season in second, Ricky Strange third, Jaime Foskey fourth, and Todd Hutcheson fifth.

    Keeping the excitement rolling, the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division rolled out with Andy Stewart and Kip Poole front row. Stewart initially takes the lead but caution sends the field back to double file restart. In the second restart, Poole had a back stretch of luck as something appeared to break with the steering sending him to the pits for the night. Single file restart sets Andy Stewart out front with George Williamson second. Coming to turn three, Williamson and Stewart get together sending both cars to the pits for the night. Brent Herndon leads the way for lap one. Lap two, company knocks with Dustin Watkins and Jamey Donaldson making a three car battle for the lead. Several laps, Watkins and Donaldson battle door to door for as Herndon stretches out his lead. Donaldson takes second and two to go gains track to try Herndon for the lead in turn two. Brent Herndon earns the win, Jamey Donaldson second, and Dustin Watkins third.