McKenzie Grabs Two in a Row At Swainsboro Raceway!

McKenzie Grabs Two in a Row At Swainsboro Raceway!

McKenzie Grabs Two in a Row At Swainsboro Raceway!

McKenzie Grabs Two in a Row At Swainsboro Raceway!

By: Candy Carroll



As the season winds down with two points races left, drivers rolled into Swainsboro Raceway Saturday night ready for action.  Fans enjoyed an addition to the racing program with the Sharp Mini Late Model division taking the track for the first time.  In the Sunoco Super Street division, Jamie Whitaker grabbed the fastest qualifying time over Daniel Roland.  On the start, Whitaker took the lead as Roland made contact with the inside wall.  Battling for the points championship, Andy Stewart and Brent Herndon fought for position on lap two.  Lap four, Herndon moved inside Stewart off turn two but Luke Scott was right under his rear.  After starting fifth, Scott moved into the third position on lap six and Stewart fell back to fifth.  Halfway, Scott took second from Herndon.  As Whitaker held a hefty lead, Scott began to make ground looking for a caution to give him the opportunity to make a move for the lead.  Jamie Whitaker added another win for the season leading flag to flag, Luke Scott took home second, Brent Herndon third, Andy Stewart fourth, and Daniel Roland fifth.


Up next in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, Graham Stevenson led the field to green with Gene Thompson outside.  Stevenson takes the lead with Thompson second and Fate Carroll third.  Lap four, Jaime Foskey tried the inside of Carroll for third but failed the attempt.  Lap five, George Williamson took fifth from Jacob Barwick.  Just past the halfway mark, Carroll started working on Thompson for the second position battling several laps.  Graham Stevenson checked out picking up the win, Fate Carroll with two to go moved up to second, George Williamson third, Jaime Foskey fourth, and Jacob Barwick rounded out the top five. 


In the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, Andy Stewart qualified fastest with Kip Poole starting outside.  At the green, Stewart took the lead with Roger McKenzie moving into second on the outside.  In a door to door battle for the lead Stewart and McKenzie drover several laps side by side with Stewart taking the lead in the turns.  Dustin Watkins drove in on Kip Poole to battle side by side for third.  Five to go, caution off turn four by a car running in the back of the pack took out the leader as he came off the turn.  Unfortunately in the best race for the win, Andy Stewart was forced to pit for the night allowing Roger McKenzie to take the lead.  Roger McKenzie took the checkered earning his second straight win, Dustin Watkins brought home second moving up from the sixth starting position.  Finishing out the top five was Kip Poole in third, Jamey Donaldson fourth, and Daniel Roland fifth.


All the way from Lake City, FL racing at Swainsboro Raceway because all the tracks in his area were closed due to Hurricane Irma, John Windham qualified the fastest in the Scare House of the South 440 division over second place points driver Tyler Davis.  Windham took the lead with points champion Tommy Davis moving into second, Tyler Davis third.  Halfway, Scotty Hunnicutt moved into fifth.  John Windham led the entire event to earn his first win at Swainsboro Raceway, Tommy Davis second, Richard Lastinger moved into third, Scotty Hunnicutt fourth, and Patrick Boulware fifth. 


Rolling out in the 602 Sportsman division, points champion Austin Scarboro grabbed the fastest time over Terry Lumley.  Scarboro took the lead in turn one but caution sent the field back to double file restart.  On the second restart, Lumley took the lead from the outside.  Lap five, Wendell Price takes a hard turn to the pits giving up the fifth position.  Lap seven, Paul Smith tried Joey May for the third position but May is able to hold him off.  Five to go, Stevie Jones challenges Smith for fourth.  The Tall Cool One Terry Lumley parks it in victory lane, Austin Scarboro takes a close second, Joey May third, Paul Smith fourth, and Stevie Jones fifth.


For their first ever appearance at Swainsboro Raceway, eleven Sharp Mini Late Model drivers took the 3/8 mile track clocking speeds over 80mph and 16 second times.  Brad Amerson quickly takes the lead with Jody Sparks in second.  Caution waives sending the field back to a complete restart.  Sparks takes advantage moving into the lead with Amerson in second.  Amerson waste no time taking over first and pulling away from the field.  Gavin Cowan and Christopher Gerdmann battle for the third position.  Four to go, caution waives sending both Cowan and Gerdmann to the rear.  Jody Sparks was forced to put losing his top five position.  Brad Amerson took the checkered, Richard Johnson second, Ricky Woodward third, Jayson Didonna fourth, and Haiden Cowan fifth.


Ending the night in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division, Kerry Gibbons grabbed the fastest time earning his first pole start at Swainsboro Raceway.  On the start Gibbons took the lead over Chesley Dixon.  Lap two, Dixon took over in turn three and checkered out.  Lap four, Caleb Gay and Eddie Morris compete for the fourth position.  Six to go, caution sends the field back to double file restart.  Shane Riner takes advantage moving into the second position.  Five to go, Caleb Gay gets by Gibbons for third.  Two to go, Blake Smith moves into the fifth position.  Chesley Dixon takes the checkered, Shane Riner second, Caleb Gay third, Kerry Gibbons fourth, and Blake Smith finished out the top five.


At Swainsboro Kart Track Ethan Martin took the checkered in the Red Plate division with Blaze Marcus and Karli Bennet finishing out the top three.  In the Green Plate Light division, Brayden Drawdy carried home first, Jaxson Monroe second, and Brayden Donaldson third.  For Green Plate Heavy, Chase Litchfield earned the win, Brayden Donaldson second, and Tucker Baird third.  In the Blue Plate division, Mark Dudley took the checkered, Kyle Walters second, Marley Meeks finished out the top three. Pro Blue Mark Dudley grabbed another win, Marley Meeks second, and Kyle Walters third. In the Kwik Shop Predator 330 class Dusty Godbee took the win, Brandon Pollette second, and Payton Johnson third.  Rolling in top three for the Kwik Shop Predator 375 class, Dusty Godbee first, Brandon Green second, and Taylor Shaw third.  In the Kwik Shop Hemi Predator 365 division, Dusty Godbee grabbed another win, Chad Watson second, Wayne Edenfield third.  Matt Black took the checkered over Wayne Edenfield in the Kwik Shop Predator 410 class.  Picking up the win in the Clone T3 350 class was Justin Diekemper with Christie Anderson second, and Dylan Litchfield third.  Justin Diekemper earned another win in the Clone T3 375 division over BJ Wood and Christie Anderson in second and third.  In the Clone EL 350 class, Chad Murray took the checkered, Justin Diekemper settled for second, Chris Gilgen third.  Chad Murray made it a double win picking up the Clone EL 375 class, Justin Diekemper second, Blake Green third.  Last in the Clone Super Heavy 425 division, Justin McNure finished first over Jimmy Monroe and Brandon Veal.