Swainsboro Raceway Final Points Race of the Season!

By: Candy Carroll



Saturday night racing action began at Swainsboro Raceway with the 602 Late Model Sportsman division.  Moving up a division, Canaan Cranford earned the heat race win to pick up the pole position.  As the green waived, Cranford jumped to a big lead with Ridge Warren holding off Terry Lumley for the second position.  Kyle Connell moving up from the eighth starting position battled Joey May for fourth.  Halfway, Tyler Mimbs moved into the fifth position.  Mimbs quickly began to challenge Connell for the fourth position.  Canaan Cranford checked out with the win, Ridge Warren second, Terry Lumley third, Kyle Connell held onto fourth, and Tyler Mimbs fifth.  Results are pending a double protest of Cannan Cranford and Ridge Warren.  Both cars will go through technical inspection Monday night.  Congratulations 2017 Points Champion Austin Scarboro!


In the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division, Jeremy Faircloth qualified fastest over Ches Chester to lead the field to green.  At the green, Chester jumps to the lead while Blake Smith moves from fifth to third.  Lap two, brings out caution and the field stacks double file for restart.  Jeremy Faircloth takes advantage moving to the lead with Smith in second.  A few laps later sends the field double file once again. Faircloth chooses the inside with Smith outside.  Faircloth pulls to the lead and Chester sticks to the inside to regain second.  Jordan Feider moves into fifth off turn four.  Having a good run in the top five, Joshua Bishop was forced to pit with a flat.  Halfway, Feider ended her top five run taking the hard turn to the pits.  Jeremy Faircloth pulls away to take the checkered, Ches Chester brings home second, Blake Smith third, Chesley Dixon fourth, and John Henderson fifth.  Official results are pending tire samples.  Congratulations 2017 Points Champion Henry Carter!


Up next, Tyler Davis picked up his first heat race win in the Scare House of the South 440 division with father, Tommy Davis sitting outside for the feature event.  Tyler Davis takes the lead with Cody Atkinson in second.  After spinning Davis off turn two, Atkins was forced to pit and restart at the rear.  On the restart, Tyler Davis pulls out front with Tommy Davis second.  Lap two, fighting a year full of hard luck Rod Morris began having mechanical issues and was off the pace.  Five to go, Atkins was back in the third position.  Tyler Davis led over father, Tommy Davis, to take his first ever checkered flag and earn second place in the points for the season.  Finishing out the top five Cody Atkins third, Rod Morris fourth, and Terry Davis fifth.  Congratulations Tommy Davis 2017 Points Champion!


With a tight points battle in the Sunoco Super Street division, only 6 points separate the top two going into the feature event.  After heat races, the two battling it out for the ultimate title led the field to green, Brent Herndon inside and Andy Stewart outside.  On the start, Herndon leads off turn four and Stewart falls to third.  Daniel Roland takes up the second position.  Lap four, Roland spins giving Stewart the second position.  Stewart takes advantage to move into the lead.  Lap six, Tommy Clinard and Jamie Whitaker battle for the third position off turn four.  Whitaker moves into third.  Five to go, Roland worked his way through the twelve car field to gain fourth.  Andy Stewart takes the checkered, Brent Herndon second, Jamie Whitaker third, Monk Gulledge fourth after starting last, and Daniel Roland fifth.  Results are pending double protest of Andy Stewart and Brent Herndon.  Both cars will go through technical inspection Monday night.  Results of technical inspection will determine the 2017 Points Champion.


Twenty cars took the green in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division with Jaime Foskey and Lance Floyd out front.  After the second restart, Foskey takes the lead with Floyd in second.  Gene Thompson working toward holding his points lead to pick up the championship, battled Floyd for second.  Lap four, Tyler Sanders moved inside Thompson to take over the third position.  Lap five, Thompson moves back to third off turn four and George Williamson to fourth.  Just past halfway caution falls, Jaime Foskey still controls a good lead and Thompson regains to move into the second position.  Four to go, Sanders takes over third.  Jaime Foskey ended the season with another win, moves into second, Gene Thompson third, Lance Floyd fourth, and Fate Carroll fifth.  Congratulations 2017 Points Champion Gene Thompson!


Ending the night in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, seventeen cars took the green preparing for the upcoming $10,000 to win October 13th and 14th.  For a couple drivers more than the upcoming big event was up for grabs.  Going into the last points race 8 points separated the drivers for the 2017 championship.  Jamey Donaldson lead most of the season over Brent Herndon.  Taking the green, Herndon had one main agenda, finish at least four positions in front of Donaldson.  Picking up the heat race win, Herndon was off to a go start taking the green front row for the feature event.  Brent Herndon takes the lead with Kip Poole moving into second.  Lap four, Luke Scott moved in on Poole to take over second.  Lap six, Dustin Watkins took over fifth off turn four.  Halfway, Herndon felt the heat as Scott tried for the lead.  Lap nine, Watkins moves inside Michael Davis off four to take over fourth.  Three to go, pedal to the metal, Scott tries to get underneath Herndon for the lead but spins in turn three.  Brent Herndon takes the checkered earning himself one last win and title for the season, Kip Poole takes home second, Michael Davis third, Dustin Watkins fourth, and Kelly Guy fifth.  Congratulations 2017 Points Champion Brent Herndon!


Please find us at Swainsbororaceway.com or follow us on facebook for all official final results from Saturday’s racing action.  Coming up October 13 and 14 the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock battle for $10,000 to win plus extra money in all other divisions.  October 28th the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division competes for $5000 to win in the Turkey Tune-up event preparing for the Turkey 100 $20,000 event. 


At Swainsboro Kart Track thirteen drivers battled in the Clone T3 375 division with Colin Mize taking the win. Brandon Pollette second, and David Moore third. In Hemi Predator 365, Chris McKenzie took the checkered, Wayne Edenfield second, and Dusty Godbee third.  For the Red Plate division, Blaze Marcus grabbed the win over Ethan Martin.  Six karts in the Green Plate Light division with Brayden Upshaw earning the win. Jaxson Monroe second, and Jake Brown third. Up next in Clone T3 350, Colin Mize grabbed another win, Ryan Adams second, and Brandon Pollette third.  Rolling out in the Predator 330 division, Cody Hayslip picked up the win, Dusty Godbee second, and Payton Johnson third.  In Blue Plate, Kamren Boyd first, Katie Pender second, and Marley Meeks third.  Eight karts in Clone Super Heavy 425 gave Wally Johnson the win, Chris McKenzie second, and Rodney Marcus finished out with third.  In Clone El 350, Justin Diekemper grabbed the win, Chad Murray second, and Brandon Meeks third.  Taking the track next, Matt Black grabbed the win in Predator 410 with Wayne Edenfield second, and David Ryder third.  In Green Plate Heavy, Evan Donaldson first, Jake Brown second, and Brayden Upshaw third.  Coming out in Pro Blue, Kyle Walters took the checkered, Katie Pender second, and Marley Meeks wrapped up third.  Picking up two wins, Justin Diekemper clinched Clone EL 375 with Ryan Adams second, and Chad Murray third.  Ending the night in Predator 375, Dusty Godbee grabbed the win. Wayne Edenfield second, and Brandon Green third.


Don’t miss both Fall Brawl events in October 14th and 28th paying more money at Swainsboro Kart Track!