Swainsboro Raceway 2017 Championship Weekend

Swainsboro Raceway 2017 Championship Weekend

Swainsboro Raceway 2017 Championship Weekend

Swainsboro Raceway 2017 Championship Weekend!

By: Candy Carroll


Swainsboro Kart Track and Swainsboro Raceway held its annual points banquet Friday and Saturday night in Savannah, GA aboard the beautiful new Georgia Queen.  Friday night the top three drivers from Swainsboro Kart Track were honored. As drivers and their crew boarded ladies were presented a gift bag with sparkling cider and Swainsboro Raceway souvenir glasses.  Each driver received a trophy and money with each champion also receiving a championship sign and authentic leather championship jacket for their division. 


Each year Swainsboro Kart Track gives a special award for Sportsman of the year.  The driver receiving this award has shown excellent conduct throughout the season on and off the track.  For 2017, Swainsboro Kart Track presented two awards.  The 2017 Sportsman of the Year and Clone T3 350 Points Champion is Brandon Meeks.  The 2017 Jr Sportsman of the Year and Red Plate Points Champion Ethan Martin. Swainsboro Kart Track also recognized Kirtus Smith as track employee of the year.


2017 Swainsboro Kart Champions receiving awards for Red Plate division were Joe Brett Sullivan in third, Blaze Marcus second, and Points Champion Ethan Martin.  Green Plate Light third place, reigning Red Plate Champion, Jaxson Monroe, second place Evan Donaldson, and Points Champion Brayden Donaldson. In Green Plate Heavy, Tucker Baird earned third, Brayden Donaldson second, and 2017 Points Champion Evan Donaldson.  For the Blue Plate division, Kyle Walters earned third, Marley Meeks second, and Mark Dudley earned the championship title.  Switching things up a little in the Pro Blue Plate division, Mark Dudley picked up third, Marley Meeks earned second, and Kyle Walters took the championship. 

In the Kwik Shop Predator divisions, drivers battled all season for a close points race.  Kwik Shop Predator 330m Payton Johnson picked up third, Waylon Edenfield second, and Dusty Godbee took the championship title.  In Kwik Shop Predator 375, Charles Radford grabbed third, Taylor Shaw second, and Dusty Godbee snatched his second championship of the year.                          

For the Hemi Predtor classes in 365, Taylor Shaw carried third, Wayne Edenfield second, and Chad Watson became the 2017 Champion.  In Hemi Predator 410, Wayne Edenfield finished third, John Atkinson second, and Matt Black earned the championship title making to the top two years in a row.

Four Clone divisions competed weekly for a chance at a 2017 Championship.  In the Clone T3 350 division, Corey Wilkerson moved up a division from 2016 and took home third, Ryan Adams second, and Brandon Meeks earned his first championship.  For the Clone T3 375 division, Ryan Adams took second with Christie Anderson grabbing the 2017 Championship.  Clone EL 350 third place went to Daren Akridge, second Brandon Meeks, and Champion Chad Murray.  Chad Murray earned two championships for the 2017 season picking up the points title in the Clone EL 375 division too.  Clone Super Heavy T3 410 third place went to Shane Black, second Jimmy Monroe, and 2017 Points Champion Justin McNure.


Saturday night, Swainsboro Raceway held its annual points banquet recognizing the top five drivers in each division.  Each driver received a trophy and money with each points champion also receiving a Swainsboro Raceway embroidered bag, replica check, Hoosier championship jacket, and Championship ring.  Drivers in Zaxby’s Crate Late Model, Sunoco Super Street, and Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock also received a gift certificate for GRW Competition Racing Engines. 

Swainsboro Raceway first recognized the 2017 Sportsman of the Year.  As track officials voted for this award, this year presented two drivers who raced the entire season carrying excellent attitudes on and off the track.  The 2017 Sportsman of the Year award presented on Veterans Day was given to two Veterans who have served our country and Swainsboro Raceway is honored to have them each week.  2017 Sportsman of the Year Derrick Oglesby and Jimmy Maness.  Junior Track Safety Worker of the Year was AJ McCullars.

In the Scare House of the South 440 division, reigning points champion Rod Morris picked up fifth.  Making it a family affair the top four positions all went to a team that showed up each week with many great moments throughout the racing season and struggles including family tragedy mid-season and one driver rolling his car end of season.  Working their way to the top each week, fourth place went to Richard Lastinger, third place Terry Davis, second place Rookie driver Tyler Davis, and 2017 Scare House of the South 440 Points Champion Tommy Davis.

Up next in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, Todd Hutcheson earned fifth, by just a couple points Dougie McCullough took fourth, earning several wins throughout the season and rallying to help Sportsman of the Year Derrick Oglesby to get a car back together, Jaime Foskey earned third place, picking up his first career win this season Fate Carroll raced his way to second, and making it to victory lane several times throughout the season and many consecutive top finishes Gene Thompson earned the title as 2017 Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior Points Champion.

Coming down to the last points race of the season, the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division brought many great weeks of side by side racing action as one of the most competitive group of drivers on the track.  Earning his first win in during the season also facing tragedy with the unexpected loss of his mother, Kip Poole took home fourth place.  Moving up a division after a successful 2016 season, Derrick Screws picked up third place.  Leading the division the entire season until the last points race, Jamey Donaldson drove hard to take home second.  Picking up the 2017 Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock Championship was Brent Herndon!

Also proving to be a competitive division this season the Sunoco Super Street Championship came down to the last race of the season.  Pulling double duty many weeks also racing in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, Daniel Roland received fifth place.  Making it to victory lane multiple times, Jamie Whitaker fourth. With the longest racing career of any driver, Veteran, and Sportsman of the Year, Jimmy Maness proudly received third.  Leading the points the entire season and making it a battle all the way to the last points race, pulling double duty every week and sometimes triple duty, Brent Herndon grabbed second.  Picking up multiple wins for the year also pulling double duty, Andy Stewart received the 2017 Sunoco Super Street Points Championship. 

For the first full season the 602 Late Model Sportsman division battled for the 2017 Championship.  After hard luck in the 604 division at the start of the season, Tyler Mimbs earned fourth place in points after moving into the 602 division early.  The 2017 Points Champion returned to the racing circuit full time after taking a couple years off and picked up multiple wins throughout the season to sweep the championship.  The 2017 602 Late Model Sportsman Points Champion is Austin Scarboro.

Battling weekly following in his grandfathers shadow, Joshua Bishop earned fifth place in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division.  Sporting his new ride for the season, reigning points champion, Blake Smith took third.  Returning to the circuit after ending 2016 season with a devastating crash, Chesley Dixon parked it in Victory Lane several times throughout the season earning second place.  Bringing it to the top a veteran driver with multiple championships and career wins showed up weekly to work and earn his way to the top. Henry Carter snatched the 2017 Zaxby’s Crate Late Model Points Championship!