Manka Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Manka Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Manka Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

Manka Earns First Win at Swainsboro Raceway!

By: Candy Carroll



Saturday night racing action at Swainsboro Raceway started out with the Sunoco Super Street feature event taking the green.   Jared Zimpel set out to try for his first win taking turn one door to door along beside Monk Gulledge.  Gulledge on a mission to grab his second win of the season.  Lap 1, Gulledge takes the lead on the back stretch with ZImpel hot on his tracks.  Halfway, Brent Herndon moves inside Zimpel for a chance at the second position.  After two laps side by side racing, Zimpel closes the door.  Gulledge stretches out to a straight away lead.  Five laps to go, Nick Kennedy loses the fourth position pitting with a flat.  Monk Gulledge takes the checkered, Jared Zimpel second, Brent Herndon third, Jimmy Maness fourth, and Russell Peterson finishes out the top five.

Prepping for next weeks $5000 to win, the 602 Late Model Sportsman division rolled out with Terry Lumley and Tyler Mimbs leading the field to green.  Lumley takes the lead and Joey May moves inside Mimbs for second.  May slips and Canaan Cranford moves into third.  After a restart due to caution, May gets inside Cranford for the third position but slips in turn three bringing out another caution.  John Lariscey has no where to go hitting May.  Both cars are forced to pit losing fourth and fifth position.  Just past the halfway, Blake Akridge in his first feature event tries Logan Tanner for the fourth position.  Three to go, Akridge breaks off turn four.  Terry Lumley leading the way, Tyler Mimbs gets a run to try for first in turn one.  Taking the checkered, three weekends of racing, three different winner, Tall Cool One Terry Lumley earns his first win of the season.  Tyler Mimbs takes home second, Cannan Cranford third, Logan Tanner fourth, and Brandon Williams fifth.

In the Scare House of the South 440 division, Tyler Davis picked up the heat race win in an effort to break the winning streak of Rod Morris starting outside pole.  Side by side off turn two, Rod Morris takes the lead with Davis second and Daniel Rogers third.  Lap two, Rogers night falls short as he loses a tire in turn four and Cody Atkinson moves up to third.  Rod Morris and Tyler Davis stretch out and began lapping several cars.  Three to go, Andrew Helton gets by Trent Kersey for the fifth position.  Coming to the white flag, Cody Atkins breaks in turn four running third.  Rod Morris makes it three in a row taking the checkered over Tyler Davis, Randy Bird, Cody Atkinson, and Andrew Helton.

Competing at speeds over 80mph, the Sharp Mini Late Model division rolled out with Brad Amerson leading the field to green.  Lap 1, Amerson takes the lead with Richard Johsnon second.  Lap 3, the young guns, Cowan brothers, battle for the fifth position.  Lap 6, Johnson gets inside Amerson off turn two taking over the first position.  Lap 8, outside pole sitter Rene Chamser gets inside Amerson for the second position but spins in turn two.  Five to go, Mike Wolfe in an attempt for second slips almost off the back stretch falling back several positions and spins in turn three.  Richard Johnson takes the win, Brad Amerson second, Matt Wise moves from eighth to third, Matt Harden fourth, and Gavin Cowan fifth.

Earning the fastest qualifying time in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model division Brian Conner led the field to green.  Lap 1, Ricky McClain takes the lead initially but Conner quickly takes over.  McClain slips allowing Cole Godowns to move into the second position.  Halfway, Godowns slips in four and Jim Manka takes over second.  Three to go, Conner leads by a straight away.  Two to go, Godowns spins in two losing third. In a green white checkered finish, Conner out front, three cars battle for second and Godowns loses a tire off turn two coming to the checkered.  In post race inspection, Jim Manka was declared the winner earning his first win at Swainsboro Raceway, Ricky McClain second, and Cole Godwons third.

For the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, Jaime Foskey took the lead with Gene Thompson second and a three wide battle for third.  Jacob Barwick takes the third position as Graham Stevenson gets stuck outside falling back to fifth.  Lap thee, Fate Carroll, Stevenson, and Chris Beasley battle three wide for fourth off turn two.  Halfway, Jaime Foskey pushes in three battling front end handling issues and Thompson takes the lead.  Three to go, Graham Stevenson takes the inside of Jacob Barwick for third off four but Barwick closes the door.  Gene Thompson picks up his first win of the season, Jaime Foskey holds on for second, Jacob Barwick third, side by side at the flag stand Graham Stevenson grabs fourth over Fate Carroll.

Up last in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, George Williamson takes the lead over Kip Poole and Roger McKenzie.  Lap 4, Wesley Coleman slips in turn four and Derrick Screws moves up to fifth.  Lap 7, Poole looks to the inside Williamson in turn four but falls short, Lap 11, Dillon Crosby tries inside McKenzie for third.  Two to go, Poole makes a moves coming to the white flag taking the lead off two but pushes in three and Williamson moves back inside.  Last lap, Poole inside with Williamson outside off turn two both cars lock up sending them off the back.  Roger McKenzie leads the field to green and white finish.  Coming off turn four, Dillon Crosby moves inside McKenzie for the lead.  Taking the checkered side by side, Roger McKenzie grabs the win inches over Dillon Crosby, Derrick Screws takes third, Kip Poole moves back to fourth, and RJ Coleman fifth. 

The following results are for Swainsboro Kart Track. In the red plate division, 1. Joe Brett Sullivan, 2. Camden Harp, 3. Gavin Grant. Green plate light, 1. Blaze Marcus, 2. Jake Brown, 3. Ethan Martin. Green plate heavy 1. Blaze Marcus, 2. Tucker Baird, 3. Jake Brown. Blue Plate 1. Mark Dudley, 2. Marley Meeks, 3. Gage Slater.  Pro Blue 1. Marley Meeks, 2. Mark Dudley, 3. Gage Slater.  Predator 330 1. Todd Godbee, 2. Payton Johnson, 3. Tyler Godbee.  Predator 375 1. Brandon Into, 2. Johnny Martin, 3. Cole Reddish.  Clone T3 350 1. Ryan Adams, 2. Justin Diekemper, 3. Chad Murray.  Clone T3 375 1. Ryan Adams, 2. Joseph Diekemper, 3. Dusty Godbee.  Clone El 350 1. Chad Murray, 2. Joseph Diekemper, 3. Justin Diekemper.  Clone EL 375 1. Joseph Diekemper, 2. Justin Diekemper, 3. Dusty Godbee.  Clone super Heavy T3 425 1. Rodney Marcus, 2. Matt Black, 3. Matt Peebles.  Powder Puff 1. Breanna Edenfield, 2. Danielle Into, 3. Chelsea Into