Sunoco Super Street $10,000 Shoot-Out at Swainsboro Raceway!

Sunoco Super Street $10,000 Shoot-Out at Swainsboro Raceway!

Sunoco Super Street $10,000 Shoot-Out at Swainsboro Raceway!

By: Candy Carroll

Labor Day weekend kicked off Friday night at Swainsboro Raceway as drivers rolled in for a big weekend of racing action in all divisions. Nearly 100 cars lined the fields Friday night for qualifying and heat races in each division to lock in starting positions for Saturday’s feature events.

Saturday gates opened early as the Budroom opened to showcase the Georgia Bulldogs game. After practice, all drivers came to the front stretch in full drivers suit to show respect with a moment of silence in memory of Tony Purvis and Anttaney Clifton, Prayer, and National Anthem. Racing action got under way with the Southland Insurance 602 Late Model division. Qualifying on Friday night gave Tall Cool One and current points leader Terry Lumley the inside pole position as weekly competitor Paul Smith qualified second setting outside trying for his first win at Swainsboro Raceway. Two attempts at double file start sent the field to a single file start with Lumley out front and Smith in second. Lap 2, Jim Rogers quickly jumped to the outside riding the fast high side groove battling Blake Akridge for the fourth position. Lap 4, Akridge tucked to the inside of Tyler Mimbs taking a peak at third but Mimbs held him off. Lap 6, Akridge slipped to the high side sending him off the back wall to restart in the rear. Lap 8, Mimbs looked to the inside of Smith for second but unable to make the pass as Lumley checked out with the lead. Three car battle for second with Smith, Mimbs, and Rogers had fans on the edge of their seat. Just at the half way mark, Tyler Mimbs jumps to the outside line to take second from Smith. Lap 12, Paul Smith’s best career run ended with mechanical failure sending him in for the night. Blake Akirdge moved back through the field to third. Two laps to go, Mimbs slips in one allowing Akirdge to take the inside but Mimbs held onto second. In post race inspection, Tyler Mimbs was declared the winner, in his rookie year at the racecar track Blake Akridge picked up his best finish with second, Wendell Price starting ninth moved to third, Logan Tanner fourth, and Paul Smith fifth.

Battling for $2500 to win in the Zaxby’s Crate Late Model, Ben Faircloth picked up the fastest qualifying time Friday night leading the field to green in an attempt to pick up his second win of the season. Outside pole was Blake Smith trying for his first win of the season at Swainsboro Raceway and third Joshua Bishop fresh off the previous win trying for two in a row. As the green fell, Faircloth and Smith door to door off two and down the back stretch, Smith takes the lead off four but Faircloth quickly make the move in one to take over. Joshua Bishop falls into third and Brandon Carpenter fourth. Lap 6, Jordan Feider tries Cole Godowns for the fifth position as the two make contact it cost Feider ground. Faircloth seemed to be on a rail of smooth sailing until four laps to go. Coming off turn four, Faircloth loses power forced to pit with fuel pump issues. Blake Smith leads to checkered earning his first win at Swainsboro Raceway for the season, Joshua Bishop second, Brandon Carpenter third, Cole Godowns fourth, and Jordan Feider fifth.

Up next as the Sunoco Super Street drivers line-up for their feature event, children enjoyed a cash fly away party on the front stretch picking up some extra money. Friday night 24 Sunoco Super Street drivers qualified and ran heat races to determine Saturday’s feature line-up. Luke Scott picked up the fastest qualifying time and heat race win to start inside row with Jaime Whitaker outside. Normally seen driving an 09 car, this week, Scott’s car displayed a white 65 in memory of Tony Purvis. Before starting the feature, the Daniels Chevrolet Pace Truck and Blue Moon Limo led the Sunoco Super Street field with a wide salute with American Flags in Memory of Tony Purvis and Anttaney Clifton. Taking the green for 50 laps, Scott pulled to the lead. Andy Stewart took over second off turn two from Whitaker. Lap 2, Justin Sapp gets inside Whitaker for third but fails the pass. Picking up five feature wins this season, Monk Gulledge falls back on the outside. Lap 10, first caution waives. On the restart, Kyle Livingood slips in two and Brent Herndon looks to the inside for fifth. Lap 12, Whitaker hot in the corners puts the pressure on Stewart for second. Whitaker gets a run in the turns but Stewart walks away on the straight away. Scott holds a several car length lead making his way to lapped traffic. Lap 36. Scott Shirey broke off turn four trying for the fifth position. As Scott leads the way, Stewart continues to hold off Whitaker for second. Luke Scott makes on last 3/8 mile run to take his biggest career win and third win of the season, Andy Stewart picks up second, Justin Sapp third, Kyle Livingood fourth, Brent Herndon fifth. Brent Herndon in fifth and Monk Gulledge sixth both picked up an $100 from GRW Competition Racing Engines.

In the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division proving to be one of the most competitive classes of the season, CJ Love earned the inside pole position looking for his first career win. Outside pole Kip Pole with three previous wins. Two double file start attempts sent the field single file with CJ Love out front. As the green waived, Tyler Sanders took the outside to take third from Justin Williams. Poole dove to the inside taking first from Love on the back stretch. Lap 2, three car battle for the lead with Sanders knocking on the rear of Love for second and Love pushing Poole in the corners. Caution with the front two spinning in three allowed Williams to move back into the second position. Lap 5, Williams all over Poole for the lead. Lap 6, Williams slipped in two and falls from second to fifth. Lap 7, Sanders working the outside for the lead allows Graham Stevenson to move in for a three car battle for first. Lap 11, Robbie Bland gets inside John Lariscey to take over fifth in four but Lariscey comes back. Five to go, Sanders puts the heat heavy on Poole for the lead as the two make contact. As Sanders tries the outside, Kip Poole holds it to the floor to take the checkered. Earning the top five, Tyler Sanders picked up second, Graham Stevenson third, Jaime Foskey fourth, and John Lariscey fifth.

Showing off Friday night in the Scare House of the South division, John Hooks and John Windham gave fans one of the best races of the entire season battling for the heat race win lap after lap side by side drifting in the corners. Windham earned the win by inches to start inside Saturdays feature event with Zach Harmon outside. Windham took the lead with Harmon falling into second, Rod Morris third. John Hooks falls back to the sixth position. Starting eighteenth, Chris Mincey moved into eighth by lap four. Lap 9, battle between the 72 machines, Hooks riding the high side took fifth from Walker Windham. Three to go, Chris Mincey off the pace after a hard run to the front. On the restart after caution, Zach Harmon off the pace falls back. John Windham leading the way with Hot Rod Morris right behind comes off turn four to the checkered and loses power. Rod Morris takes the checkered, John Windham holds onto second, Alan Carter third, John Hooks fourth, and Walker Windham fifth.

Up last in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, competitors Kip Poole and George Williamson led the field to green. On the start, Williamson appears to have trouble as he falls off the pace to the back. Poole takes the lead but Brent Herndon sticks to the bumper and Tommy Hadden sits third. Lap 4, Herndon sticks the inside off four as the two share metal but Poole closes the door. Lap 6, restart after caution, Garrett Thigpen catches Hadden lagging to take over third. Kip Poole holds off Brent Herndon to earn his third win of the season and second of the night. Garrett Thigpen makes it to the pin in third, Tommy Hadden earns a good run in fourth, and Brett Sullivan fifth.

On behalf of Swainsboro Raceway and the Purvis Family, we would like to thank our entire racing family for the support shown during the tragic loss of Tony Purvis. Tony was not only our family member but also a valuable asset to our racetrack and racing community as he led our maintenance crew during the week. We at Swainsboro Raceway send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the family of Anttaney Clifton. Anttaney was also a member of the racing family with his love for the sport and attendance to many racing events.

Swainsboro Kart Track Results in Red Plate 1. Trey Oliver, 2. Tyler McCumbers, 3. Joe Brett Sullivan. Green Plate Light 1. Brody Kellum, 2. Chase Litchfield, 3. Jaxson Monroe. Green Plate Heavy 1. Brody Kellum, 2. Jaxson Monroe, 3. Chase Litchfield. Blue Plate 1. Braxton Barber, 2. Zach Williams, 3. Katie Pender. Pro Blue 1. Braxton Barber, 2. Zach Williams, 3. Will Kenner. Predator 350 1. Dusty Godbee, 2. Hank White, 3. Todd Godbee. Predator 375 1. Justin Diekemper, 2. Dusty Godbee, 3. Hank White. Clone T3 350 1. Justin Diekemper, 2. Preston Buckly, 3. Joseph Diekemper. Clone T3 375 1. Ryan Adams, 2. Blake Lester, 3. Brandon Pollette. Clone EL 350 1. Justin Diekemper, 2. Chad Murray, 3. Joseph Diekemper. Clone EL 375 1. Justin Diekemper, 2. Blake Lester, 3. Joseph Diekemper. Clone Super Heavy 425 1. Joseph Diekemper, 2. David Savage, 3. Rodney Marcus.