A Night in Memory of Benjamin Woods at Swainsboro Raceway

A Night in Memory of Benjamin Woods at Swainsboro Raceway


By: Candy Carroll



Saturday evening fans and drivers rolled into Swainsboro Raceway with heavy hearts remembering one of its own #1 fans Benjamin Woods and his Uncle Irvin Woods in our thoughts and prayers.  Swainsboro Raceway and Kart Track drivers and fans came together to remember and honor this family during this difficult time and will continue to uplift the parents and extended family in our prayers.  The Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division started the evening off with family member Frank Woods leading the pack with the missing man formation pole award along with track safety crew out front.  As the field realigned for green, Coolhand Luke Scott and Jamey Donaldson took the green with Scott taking the lead.  Brent Herndon took a look to the inside of Donaldson off two but Donaldson held on.  Scott pulls away as Donaldson runs the high side still maintaining second.  Halfway, Herndon takes second in turn two and Donaldson is off the pace with mechanical issues.  Five to go, Tommy Davis moves into the third position.  Herndon begins to close on Scott for the lead. Luke Scott takes the checkered, Brent Herndon second, RJ Coleman third, Wesley Coleman fourth, and Casey Loftin fifth.


In the Southland Insurance 602 Late Model division, Austin Scarboro and Monk Gulledge both picked up heat race wins earning the front row.  Scarboro takes the lead but Gulledge puts the pressure inside turn two and takes lead off four.  Lap 4, Brandon Carpenter works on Cody Overton for the fifth position.  Lap 6, three car battle for second with Scarboro, Ricky McClain, and Cody Overton. McClain and Scarboro share metal as McClain takes second.  Scarboro retaliates in two unfortunately sending him to the rear for caution.  Halfway, Rob Roberts in the third position as Gulledge holds a big lead.  Three to go, Cody Overton moving through the field starts to battle McClain for the second position.  Lap 18, McClain gets loose off two and Overton moves into second.  Monk Gulledge takes nearly a two second win, Cody Overton moves from fifth to second, Ricky McClain third, Rod Roberts fourth, and Austin Scarboro makes it back to fifth.


Up next Rod Morris takes the lead in the Scare House of the South 440 division as Terry Davis and Scott Helton battle for second.  Coming ninth, Richard Lastinger works his way up to the fourth position.  Richie Green moves in to battle for the second position as Rod Morris walks away.  Rod Morris snatches the win, Scott Helton picks up second, Richie Green third, Terry Davis fourth, and Richard Lastinger fifth.


Rolling to the lead in the Sunoco Super Street division is George Williamson with previous winner Jamie Whitaker taking second off four.  Lap two, Chris Usry moves into second.  Whitaker and Usry get together. On the move from the rear, Lap 4, Whitaker takes inside of Alexander off turn four.  The whole field racing hard.  Five to go, Usry tries Williamson for the lead off two.  Alexander spins Usry battling for the second position off three and allowing Whitaker to move back into third.  Two to go, Usry spins Williamson for the lead.  Williamson and Whitaker both forced to pit.  Brent Herndon takes over the lead holding on for the last two laps to take checkered and earn his first win of the season.  Kary Alexander picks up second and Chris Usry third.


Nineteen cars took the green in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division with Jordan Johnson and John Lariscey out front.  Johnson takes the lead with Lariscey second.  Caution waived involving outside pole sitter Lariscey.  On the restart, Johnson takes the lead again as Jaime Foskey moves to second, Lariscey has mechanical issues and pits.  Lap 4, Foskey takes the lead off two but Johnson fights back hard.  Lap 6, Graham Stevenson moves to fourth after starting tenth.  Two to go, Stevenson takes over third.  Jaime Foskey parks it again in Victory Lane, Graham Stevenson grabs second, Justin Williams third, Jimmy Seigler fourth, and Robert Fail fifth.


At Swainsboro Kart Track Green Plate Light 1. Jaxson Monroe, 2. Ethan Martin, 3. Tanner Reich.  Green Plate Heavy 1. Jaxson Monroe, 2. Tanner Reich, 3. Tyler McCumbers.  Blue Plate 1. Brayden Upshaw, 2. Casie Wallis, 3. Kaylin Madden.  Pro Blue 1. Brayden Upshaw, 2. Kaylin Madden, 3. Casie Wallis. Predator 350 1. Dusty Godbee, 2. Justin Blackwell, 3. Todd Godbee. Predator 375 1. Chad Murray, 2. JJay Reich, 3. Wayne Edenfield.  Predator 410 1. Skeeter Godbee, 2. JJay Reich, 3. Matt Black.  Clone T3 1. Ryan Adams, 2. Brandon Green, 3. Dusty Godbee.  Clone T3  1. Ryan Adams, 2. Dusty Godbee, 3. Marley Meeks Clone T3 375 1. Ryan Adams 2. Keith Thompson, 3. Chad Murray Clone EL 350 1. Marley Meeks, 2. Brandon Green