Swainsboro Raceway Pine Tree Tune Up!

Swainsboro Raceway Pine Tree Tune Up!



By: Candy Carroll



Drivers rolled into Swainsboro Raceway Saturday night preparing for the upcoming annual Pine Tree 100 event paying big money and special hand carved trophies in all divisions.  Up first in the Daniels Chevrolet Pure Stock division, Jason “Flywheel” Floyd and “CoolHand” Luke Scott both picked up heat race wins leading the field to green.  Scott took the lead off two with Floyd second and Alexander second and Brent Herndon third.  Top four stacked for the lead.  Lap two, restart Floyd gets run on Scott but Scott pulls off the turn and Alexander slips falling back to the eighth position.  Greg Parks moves up to fourth.  Lap 6, RJ Coleman, Jamey Donaldson, and Tyler Davis battle for the fifth position.  Four to go, Donaldson gains on Parks for fourth.  Scott stretches the lead.  Donaldson breaks coming to the white flag.  Luke Scott takes the checkered, Jason Floyd second, Brent Herndon third, Greg Parks fourth, and RJ Coleman fifth.


In the Southland Insurance 602 Late Model division, Cody Overton and Monk Gulledge both earned heat front row positions.  Coming to green, Gulledge was unable to start moving Tyler Williams to front row.  Taking the green, Overton takes the lead with Austin Scarboro second.  Williams gets hung on the outside bringing caution sending him to restart on the rear.  After dixie double file restart, Pearson Lee Williams jumps to second with three wide battle for third between Cameron Triibble, Scarboro, and Ricky McClain.  Lap 4, McClain looks inside Scarboro for third position.  Halfway, McClain battling powering steering issues loses traction battling for second in turn four brings out the caution.  On the restart, Austin Scarboro regains second.  Meanwhile, Cody Overton checks out while the heated battle continues for second.  Cameron Tribble moves to third, Ches Chester fourth, and Pearson Lee Williams back to fifth.  Lap 13, Chester spins in two.  On restart, Tribble takes second and Williams moves to fourth.  Williams takes inside Scarboro for third off two.  Cody Overton takes checkered in brand new car, Pearson Lee Williams on the move comes back to second, Cameron Tribble third, Austin Scarboro fourth, and Blake Akridge fifth.


Teammates and battle of the 70’s started front row in the Scare House of the South 440 division with John Hooks and Rod Morris coming to green.  Hooks takes the lead with Morris second, Richie Green third, and Scotty Helton fourth.  Lap 6, Helton was forced to pit with right front flat in the third position.  Lap 8, Helton was back to the fifth position.  Lap 10, Helton took that hard turn to the pit with another flat.  Two to go, Hooks led the way with Morris close behind.  Terry Davis running in the fourth position.  John Hooks took the checkered earning his second win of the season, Rod Morris second, Richie Green third, Terry Davis fourth, and Bill Keisel fifth.


 Making his first appearance of the season, Veteran driver Andy Stewart took the lead in the Sunoco Super Street division with Bobby Oglesby second and Kary Alexander third.  Lap 2, Alexander got lose and spun off turn three allowing Jamie Whitaker to move into the third position.  On the restart, Bobby Oglesby peaks inside Stewart for the lead but Stewart pulls off turn two.  Lap 3, Oglesby takes the lead off four.  Kary Alexander takes over fourth from Joshua Nelms.  Stewart begins falling back as Jamie Whitaker moves into second and Alexander back to third.  Bobby Oglesby holds off Jamie Whitaker to celebrate in Victory Lane, Kary Alexander comes back to third, Andy Stewart fourth, and Chris Usry fifth.


Sixteen competitive drivers trying to get the front on lap one in the Roger Wheeler Construction Road Warrior division, caused for several cautions and unfortunately several damaged cars.  Graham Stevenson and Chase Johnson earned heat race wins leading the field to green.  Stevenson took the lead with Jaime Foskey moving into second.  Lap 2, Seth Clark moved into fifth after starting eighth.  Lap 3, Fate Carroll takes the inside for fourth from sixth.  Lap 4, caution due to cars jumping start caused the front of the field to pile up involving Fate Carroll sending him to pit losing the fourth position.  On the restart, Graham Stevenson leading the pack spins off two due to a broken axle.  Jaime Foskey takes the checkered, Jordan Johnson second, Dallas Simmons third, Shane Ledford fourth, and Chase Johnson fifth. 


 Swainsboro Kart Track Results Green Plate Light 1. TJ Taylor, 2. Ethan Martin, 3. Blaze Marcus. Green Plate Heavy 1. TJ Taylor, 2. Ethan Martin, 3. Blaze Marcus.  Blue Plate 1. Brayden Upshaw 2. Teegin Key, 3. Casie Wallis.  Pro Blue 1. Brayden Upshaw, 2. Casie Wallis, 3. Teegin Key.  Predator EL 350 1. Dusty Godbee 2. Justin Blackwell, 3. Todd Godbee. Predator EL 375 1. Chad Murray, 2. Todd Godbee, 3. Cameron Rogers.  Predator EL 410 1. Matt Black, 2. Wayne Edenfield, 3. Brian Webster.  Clone T3 375 1. Ryan Adams, 2. Chad Murray, 3. David Moore.  Clone T3 330 1. Blaze Burns, 2. Ryan Adams, 3. Christian Brown.  Clone T3 350 1. Blaze Burns, 2. Ryan Adams, 3. Robert Diekemper.  Clone Super Heavy T3 425 1. Robert Diekemper, 2. Chris Turner, 3. Keith Thompson.  Powder Puff 1. Breanna Edenfield 2. Peyton McGaha, 3. Anna Rogers